• Alternative to the obvious

    We provide the classics that go beyond the standard. Our products are for those who want an addition that compliments their space rather than dominates it.

  • Mainstream Adjacent

    We create products that are familiar and functionally considered, producing an intelligent aesthetic that sets us apart.

  • Curiously simple

    The simplicity of our designs combined with their intentional functionality invites investigation and exploration as each piece adjusts to fulfil its purpose in your space.

Meet our best sellers

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About the brand


It all began on the east coast of Africa, in the port city of Durban - a place where simplicity, flexibility and effortlessness dominates the local lifestyle.

Similarly, our dream was to design furniture that can be applied infinitely. There should be an ease with every addition to your space as it finds a purpose in any room in your house.

Rather than transforming a space, our goal is to improve it. We design so that your furniture adapts to your needs and accommodates your lifestyle. The phrase, “The more you live with it, the more you love it.” is something we try to imbue into every piece.


Our aim is to contribute to the South African design community and aesthetic identity. We aim to develop products that are globally impressive while being locally relevant, through design, manufacture and service.


We strive for products that are functionally driven, made with honest materials and designed to enhance the way you live rather than to dictate it.


Our pieces are expertly crafted with high quality materials, created on a small scale production. Being sustainably minded and of the opinion that furniture should last as long as you do, we encourage our customers to get in contact to restore or revive their ANTIDOTE products rather than discarding them for something fast.

  • - Audrey

    "Have just received my order and am delighted, great product, fantastic price, can't wait for them to be installed so I can send pictures."

  • - Will

    "You expect something simple like all hooks to be created equal, but they are not, ANTIDOTES hooks stand apart because they work beyond expectation. Who knew I had expectations for a hook and that they could be surpassed?"

  • - The Local Edit

    "Ever since discovering ANTIDOTE we've been swooning over their collection of: lights, stools, tables candlesticks, rails, desks, and shelves."