A N T I D O T E is a multidisciplinary design studio, based in Durban on the east coast of South Africa. Gareth is the man behind it, one that has a few design qualifications behind his name, a in Interior Design from CPUT and a N.dip in Product design from the same place and a few European credits lying around from the Swedish University - Malmo Hogskola. A N T I D O T E was formalised as an independent brand in 2018 by Gareth after it was the wing of the interior design studio, gih studio which specialised in commercial, retail, and hospitality design with brands such as Nando’s, Tsonga, Private Property and Eskom to name a few. 

Gareth gets lost in designing furniture that is as simple as possible while adhering to all the important design elements of shape, colour, line, proportion and texture. The pieces need to provide solutions for people’s lifestyles at work or home. 

The A N T I D O T E range of furniture and product offering are designed for people who want to be mainstream adjacent.  A N T I D O T E is a brand for people who are confident in their own style in a humble way. Not needing to shout or shock people with their aesthetic. The pieces are designed to be appreciated more and more with time. The phrase, “The more you live with it, the more you love it.” is something we try and imbue in all the pieces.

Our hopes are that A N T I D O T E contributes in a positive way to the South African design community and aesthetic identity. We get so pumped by the very talented designers in South Africa and what they are doing in developing product and environments that are globally impressive while being locally relevant, and are grateful to be a part of that, through design, manufacture and service. 

Our products are simple, that is essential, with a unique point of view.