We believe aesthetic makes the difference.

It is the one thing that can separate you or include you in a community/culture identity. Be it in fashion, product, graphics, architecture, interiors. It is the thing that feeds you information before any word is spoken or written. 

The design line we are trying to walk is one where we contribute to a South African cultural aesthetic without relying on the gimmicky porcupine quills and zebra skins, we believe there is so much more to this beautiful country than that, and we see our role as being a brand that can contribute alongside so many more of the talented brands out there to developing that aesthetic identity. 

The medium we have chosen is product and furniture and our intent is for the furniture to be curiously simple. It is furniture and product that requires a second glance due to its simple intrigue. The aim for our furniture is to contribute to a space rather than dominate or overwhelm it, they are the simple pieces that humbly set an interior apart. They encourage the question, "Why does this interior feel different to the others?"

We are from the East Cost of South Africa (Durban) and that informs our design. We work with a limited palette. Pale woods, where the colours come from the beautiful beaches in this part of the world. Black, from the mud in the coastal forests, white from the foam of the waves that crash on the beaches and greens that come from the lush vegetation that envelopes this province. 

So thats where we are in the story and we would love you to be a part of the next chapters.